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Help prevent sexual violence systemically

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Sexual violence is pervasive in every country, every community, and every culture. It is systemically embedded in society and used as a form of oppression.

But sexual violence is not inevitable. It can and will be prevented.

That’s our mission here at the SVPA.

~ Omny Miranda Martone, Founder & CEO

Nonconsensual Deepfake Pornography Bill

Over 85 percent of deepfakes are pornography that was created non-consensually. Deepfake pornography uses artificial intelligence to transplant a person’s face onto sexually explicit videos or images. In other words, people can create fake pornography of anyone without their consent. Right now, there are no laws banning nonconsensual deepfake porn. We’re working to change this!

SVPA Score

The SVPA Score is the first and only assessment for campus sexual violence practices. By assessing universities’ policies, programs, and procedures, the SVPA Score empowers students to choose the college that will best protect them. It also empowers universities to improve their practices. The data collected for the score is used to generate groundbreaking research insights for sexual violence prevention.