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DV Coercive Control

An act concerning domestic violence





Amends the Domestic Violence Act of 1986. Includes coercive control in the definition of “abuse”. Defines “coercive control” as a pattern of behavior that in purpose or effect unreasonably interferes with a person’s free will and personal liberty, including, but not limited to, unreasonably engaging in any of the following: (i) isolating the other party from friends, relatives, or other sources of support; (ii) depriving the other party of basic necessities; (iii) controlling, regulating, or monitoring the other party’s movements, communications, daily behavior, finances, economic resources, or access to services; or (iv) compelling the other party by force, threat of force, or intimidation, including threats based on actual or suspected immigration status, to engage in conduct from which the other party has a right to abstain, or to abstain from conduct in which the other party has a right to engage.

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