DV Lease Termination

An act concerning civil law






Amends the Safe Homes Act. Repeals a Section providing an affirmative defense to a landlord’s action to recover rent for breach of a lease. Provides that the lease of a tenant who is a victim or is in imminent threat of becoming a victim of domestic violence or sexual violence or who has a household member who needs to relocate as a result of the applicable action or crime shall be terminated if certain conditions are met. Provides that termination of the lease exempts the tenant from liability for rent or other obligations under the lease accruing after the tenant’s lease is terminated, but shall not affect the tenant’s obligations under the lease accruing prior to the date of the termination. Provides that if there are multiple tenants who are parties to the lease, the termination of a lease of one or more tenants shall not terminate the lease with respect to the other nonterminating tenants. Restricts a tenant from terminating a lease on the basis of an act for which the tenant is the responsible party. Provides that a landlord may not take certain actions with respect to a lease terminated under the new provisions. Effective immediately.

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