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Higher Education SV Policies

An Act Regarding Sexual Misconduct and Intimate Partner Violence Policies at Institutions of Higher Education






This bill requires all degree-granting public, private, nonprofit and for-profit colleges and universities chartered, incorporated or otherwise organized in this State with an established physical presence in this State to adopt a policy on sexual misconduct that applies to students and employees who report having experienced an incident of sexual misconduct or intimate partner violence and to students and employees who are accused of sexual misconduct or intimate partner violence. Schools are also required to provide mandatory annual sexual misconduct primary prevention and awareness programming for all students and all employees and to provide training for individuals involved in the disciplinary process. Each school is required to submit a report each year to the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over education matters a report on the number of allegations, investigations, findings and actions regarding sexual misconduct by students and employees.

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