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SVPA BU Chapter


What is SVPA BU ?

SVPA BU is the Boston University chapter of the Sexual Violence Prevention Association. It was one of the first SVPA student groups to be established. Founded by Mehreen Kamal, the group fights for the systemic prevention of sexual violence on campus, in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts. 

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Do you want to prevent sexual violence at BU? Join SVPA’s BU Chapter! This student group is open to all BU students including undergrad and grad students.

What We Do

Student Organizing & Community Mobilizing
Student organizing and mobilizing on campus is essential to build coalitions and foster collective action. By uniting student voices and advocating for change, SVPA Chapters pressure campus administration to improve practices, policies, and resources for preventing sexual violence.
Prevention Trainings & Resources
SVPA Chapters host prevention trainings and provide resources for students on campus. The trainings and resources include topics such as bystander intervention, counteracting rape culture, and addressing the red zone. Resources include guides for supporting survivors and materials for prevention campaigns.
Speakout Events, Activites & Social Media
SVPA Chapters host speak outs on social media and in person. Speak outs empower survivors to share their stories of experiencing sexual violence on campus. Amplifying survivors’ stories breaks the silence, increases awareness, and fosters a collective effort to address and prevent this issue.
Legislative Advocacy & Coalition Building
Student survivors deserve to be at the forefront of the movement to prevent sexual violence. SVPA Chapters advocate for legislation through student organizing and building coalition in their community. Harnessing collective power is crucial for advocating for legislation at the city, state, and national levels.

In the News

SVPA Chapters Launched To Prevent Campus Sexual Violence
Press Release


September 2023


Do you want to prevent sexual violence at Boston University? Join SVPA’s BU Chapter! This student group is open to all BU students including undergrad and grad students.

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Check Out Our Impact Report!

Since our start in 2021, the Sexual Violence Prevention Association (SVPA) has been dedicated to preventing sexual violence systemically. Our advocacy, resources, and institutional actions have had broad impact across the country. Check out our impact report to learn more!