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Colleges play a crucial role in preventing sexual violence by implementing comprehensive policies, programs, and procedures. College administrators have a responsibility for creating and maintaining effective prevention practices as well as fostering a safe environment, culture, and community. Student groups also play a vital role by holding their university accountable, hosting trainings, and educating members.  Students, faculty, and other individuals can take action by challenging rape culture and being active bystanders. Combining the power of individuals, student groups, and college administration ensures that campuses prevent sexual violence.

How to take action?

Red Zone Prevention Program

The Red Zone is the period between August and November when there is a significant increase in sexual violence on campus. More than 50% of campus sexual violence happens during this period. This is preventable. Our Red Zone Prevention Program includes training for student groups and a program for college administrators.

SVPA Campus Chapters

Start a chapter of the SVPA on your campus! SVPA Chapters prevent sexual violence through events, student organizing, administration accountability, and policy advocacy. We provide all of the training and resources you need. Fill out our zero-commitment interest form to learn more!

Title IX Advocacy​

Title IX is instrumental in preventing sexual violence and supporting survivors.  The SVPA has been a strong advocate for Title IX to expand its requirements for preventing sexual violence on college campuses.  You can view our public comments for the Department of Education here.

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Since our start in 2021, the Sexual Violence Prevention Association (SVPA) has been dedicated to preventing sexual violence systemically. Our advocacy, resources, and institutional actions have had broad impact across the country. Check out our impact report to learn more!