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State Legislation & Prevention Scorecards

Choose a state on the map to show their SVPA Prevention Scorecard and any current legislation that covers sexual violence prevention.

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LA SB147
An act to amend and reenact R.S. 40:1216.1(G) and to enact R.S. 40:1216.1(H), relative to procedures for victims of sex offenses; to requrie that healthcare providers make certain records available to sexual assault survivors; to provide relative to documents requested by the victim after a forensic medical examination has been performed; and to provide for related matters.


LA HB561
An act to enact Chapter 28-E of Title 46 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, to be comprised of R.S. 46:2191 through 2194, and to repeal Civil Code Articles 2315.11 and 3496.2 and R.S. 46:2163, relative to civil liability of sexual assault offenders; to provide for a legislative purpose; to provide for definitions; to provide relative to prescription; to provide relative to exemplary damages; to provide relative to the assignment of fault; and to provide for related matters.


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